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Our Love Poetry

I have never really thought of my self as a poet but Katherines passing has reached down inside me to a special place that simmers with words and emotions demanding to be released. So here is the begining of my special treasury of words and thoughts that consume me....

Please Wait for Me

Kathy and I have over half a century invested in our eternity. This picture and poem reflects our journey.


Where has Katherine Gone

The rooms are empty, the house is silent, but I see and feel you everwhere.


Tides of Grief

The most common metaphor for grief is probably the tides we have experienced by the sea....


Eberlasting Love

No it's spelled right. An inside joke between Katherine and me. A gift from our children as they learned to speak to us. Always "eber" so precious to us.......


Waiting for Katherine

Patience is an aquired skill I think. I have tried and taught Katherine some but she has taught me so much more. Together the wait is always worth it......


Whispers of Love

What can I say except this expresses our life as one. Our lifew together has been as intimate as a "Whisper of Love"...


Lunch with Friends

I actual composed this before Katherine left but had to revise it for the most beautiful BFF's I know....


The Last Goodbye

So much of grief and loss focuses on the "goodbye" It's not so bad if you realize it is the beginning of an eternity of "hello's"


Together Apart

Dealing with separation is a challenge but its just a matter of perspective. Shift your view and you will see that connections are much stronger that we can imagine......


Our Anniversary Lament

We enjoyed 58 years of wedded life. On our next anniversary after Katherine passed I wrote this. I sat down and embraced those years of memrories and shared the feelings with her - and I cried and I wrote this......


To have and To hold

My greatest memory and day was February 8, 1964. Katherine and I choose each other to become one and share our eternity together.


Our Soul Garden

We started a special soul garden the day we met and it continues to grow and bloom for eternity.


Good Vibrations

Yes channeling is real and this poem was directly given to me by my angel Katherine...


Sailing the Sea of Grief

There is a very strong connection with grief and water, from the tears we shed to the oceans of pain and distance we navigate...


Our Dance with Destiny

Katherine and I share a love for this poem we crafted together. We share one dance card for eternity.......


No Crying in Heaven

Yes I cry and if you truly grieve and love you will too.  Tears are all that extra love that leaks out.....


My Precious Princess

Katherine was born a "princess"  she became my queen and is now My angel. Yes I have truly been blessed......

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The Poetry of My Life

There is a comfort in poetry whether you read it comose it or live it. The stories of our lives can also be poetry and Katherine has been the poetry of mine....


Echoes of My Heart

Memories, our stories and legacies are eternal. As the echo of a sound continues and reflects its source so does the life and the journey we live now....


There's a Little Girl.....

Another early poetic discovery that I was able to share with Katherine before she left. Beautifully composed by Lisa Erickson and frequently requested by Katherine for me to read to her....

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