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April 19th , 2022

Katherine Margaret Blackburn

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Today my sweetheart would have celebrated her 80th Birthday. We will celebrate this years anniversary in a more virtual way which maybe seems appropriate for these past few years. This video and ebook shares how our love continues to bloom in our own special Soul Garden of Love.

On April 19, 1942 a miracle occurred.

Katherine Margaret Miller was born. My soulmate began her life's journey. Today we would have celebrated her 80th Birthday. I celebrate all of our memories with her today while waiting for our journey and destiny to continue. We can find comfort in the connections we share because they are eternal. I made a commitment to Katherine at the altar of God , "To have and to hold" , I have her and hold her every day here in my heart. May God Bless us and everyone, Happy Birthday Katherine Margaret Miller- Blackburn.


To have and to hold


G. Blackburn


The best day of my life

Was when I stood before the world and God,

Held your hands and looked into those hazel eyes

And said, I do take you Katherine,

To Have and To Hold from this day forward

For the rest of my life.

Thank for choosing me to be the one to share our eternity.

To Have each other is a gift from God and a Blessing of everlasting Love.

To Hold you in my arms, my Heart and my Soul

That is what makes my life whole.

From that day forward our Journey will never end

We are now one on a path to the Divine Source as One.

I Love you Katherine my Angel.

April 19th , 2021

Katherine Margaret Blackburn

For Kathy

My sweetheart would have celebrated her 79th Birthday on this day. She would always remind me how much older she was than me. I would tease her about her liking younger men. I love doing special things for her and surprising her on her birthdays. This year it has become so much more important.

Choosing a gift that shows just how much our love for each other means to me had to be spectacular. The Taj Mahal is not available so I had to find something else. So I dug into my bag of aerospace connections and came up with the only thing that made sense and was grand enough. 

Her very own "STAR".

" Fly me up to where you are
Beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight
To see you smile
If only for awhile to know you're there
A breath away's not far
To where you are "

In the Constellation

6475379- Aires


Binary Star -

Katherine and Gerald April 19th, 2021

Binary Stars rotate around each other until they eventually merge into one new combined STAR.


Astronomical Position:

 Right Ascension 2h 35m 2.31s

 Declination 28deg 9' 1.19"

Magnitude  10.2548000

Verified Star Name Registry

British Government

Star Map
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