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Soul Portraits

. I have been an avid photographer since I was 14 and have acquired a significant archive of images. As I began to review many of them after Katherine’s’ death, I realized how several had something special about them.

Those selected for this Gallery portray a unique “Soul” quality that is hard to describe but is clearly apparent in the image

A portrait of Katherine from my "Soul Garden". She is the most beautiful blossom amoung the flowers. 1963


High school and Jr. College matured Katherine here in 1960 the young woman begins to bloom.

the soul smile arrests your attention.


By 1963 she had captured my soul. Clearly in this portrait you can see why. She will be my Soulmate and Life Partner for eternity.


All brides are beautiful! But I think if you look hard enough you can see here Katherine's Soul and Spirit shining through her and looking directly into yours. This is what an angelic aura looks like.

group1 002-Colorized-Enhanced3.jpg

There is a distinct glow and appearance that a mother projects. In this1969 portrait Katherine's nurturing soul shines and sparkles as a reflection of her love for her family. 

IMG_3186~photo-fullaabcd - Copyeditax.jpg

This smile on Katherine here is priceless. Celebrating her youngest son's birthday, she is stunning in her favorite color "red". 


Katherine loves to laugh, here you can see how her entire soul engages her with her joy.


Here is that soul look of an angel who loves working at the school with children and guiding not one but a whole district of PTA's.


I love this stoic stare katherine has here. This is the woman and soul that grabbed my heart and soul for eternity.


In this 1958 portrait of Katherine there is the distinct sweet 16 of youth, look into her eyes and you see the soul and a vision of an angel.


Katherine loves her Margaritas, and I love watching her enjoy !


I call this her Dorthy picture, that's little Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz. Here is a little soul who believes in rainbows and magic.


I will be glad some day to learn the story behind this picture. Precious is the one word that comes to my mind . These eyes  and the smile light up your heart with her sense of wonder.

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