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W.Eugene Smith Photograph

The Next Journey

Katherine and I will continue the next part of our journey together at a date TBD. We have been blessed with each other for more than half a century. That alone is such wonderful accomplishment it is difficult to comprehend how much an eternity of bliss will be. Many will find it hard to say goodbye but you need to remember we are not leaving you but just rearranging things in a different dimension. We are still here with you. We will be as close as your heart and memory watching over you and waiting for our reunion here with us.

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Our Story

This love story actual begins in 1942 in a world of dark shadows and global evil. humanity was facing the specter of a Global World War. But many refused to let it interfer in building new lives of goodness and love. John Miller and Grace Colombo were two people committed to their love and introduced this world to Katherine Margaret Miller. Across town two years later John Blackburn and Regina Hilgart were introducing Gerald Arlys Blackburn a new world of hate and war. The trauma and struggles of the next few years were overcome Kathy and Jerry began their journeys and destiny to being Eternal Soulmates and Partners in true love. That union and committment was blessed and ordained on February 8, 1964. Fifty-Seven Years, hand and hand produced a beautiful family of three children and seven grandchildren. 



Join Us -   Some Day....


Want to reach us, Just ask, say our names or just think about us and we will be with you. We now reside in Summerland Level 3 , C/O Heaven


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